Pastacode is under construction and not ready for use yet, sorry!

Pastacode is a modern programming languages focussed on bringing your company results. It does this in several ways:

  • Keep things simple! Just text, numbers (float) and collections (hashmap). Adding advanced data structures like trees and unions just means nobody will be able to understand the code. Stick to what's proven to work!
  • A lot of functionality is built into the language. Where other languages need complex package managers, Pastacode prevents managing dependencies. It is constantly growing and aims to do everything out of the box!
  • Do not hide code. All the code is accessible from everywhere, not hidden behind complex abstractions. You can even access memory directly.
  • Pastacode always does its best to guess what you meant. If something goes wrong, it does its best to continue. There is no pesky fighting with the compiler, since there is none.
  • Uses object orientation so that everything is open for extension.
  • Uses an English-like syntax so non-technical members can get up to speed quickly.

Pastacode combines the terseness of Java, readability of Perl, safety of C, predictability of Javascript, speed of Python, quick learning curve of Haskell, package manager of C++, versatility of XML and scalability of PHP.